Helium | Hydrogen

Strategic resources for a successful
energy and ecological transition.

The co-founders of 45-8 ENERGY, aware of environmental issues and keen to devote their geological expertise to an eco-committed action, wish to develop the valorisation of the subsurface to support the ecological transition. 

The ambition of 45-8 ENERGY is to explore, produce and develop strategic subsurface resources. 45-8 ENERGY is thus interested in two eco-responsible industrial gases: helium and natural hydrogen

In many geological contexts, it is possible that one of these resources is associated with one or several related resources. The will of 45-8 ENERGY is then to jointly develop all the resources in order to meet the growing needs of consumers while limiting the impact on the environment. 

Helium and natural hydrogen: our core business


Helium is as strategic resource. Its extreme rarity on earth and its unique physical properties make it a highly sought-after resource.


Hydrogen is a strategic resource nowadays and is becoming essential on the European market to decarbonise industries.