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45-8 ENERGY, the first company dedicated to the eco-friendly exploration and production in Europe of helium and its associated resources.

Founded in 2017, 45-8 ENERGY is a French company located in Metz and Lyon.

Currently operator of the Fonts-Bouillants and the Avant-Monts Franc-Comtois exploration licences in France, 45-8 ENERGY continues its expansion in Europe with the acquisition of the Guhlen production licence, located southeast of Berlin, in Germany. 

This licence is holding discovered and prospective helium resources that 45-8 ENERGY intends to develop with local blue hydrogen production.

An answer to a real need

45-8 ENERGY is benefiting from the extensive experience acquired by its founding partners over more than ten years in various subsurface activities to focus on helium, a resource carrying critical issues for the future, being now a strategic resource vital for many industries. Our will is to act sustainably in favor of the ecological transition.

Multiple research projects

Helium exploration together with other associated resources is a real innovation with its own problematics. For this reason, 45-8 ENERGY is also conducting Research and Development projects with academic and industrial partners in order to develop effective and adapted technology to efficiently and reliably detect these resources in the near surface.

A company committed to the environment

At a time when 100% of helium consumed in Western Europe is imported at high energy costs and carbon footprint, 45-8 ENERGY aims to develop an eco-friendly local helium supply chain which could therefore significantly reduce the environmental impact of such industry.

Our positioning

We have 3 key approaches serving a common goal: 
supplying an eco-friendly helium to the European market, far too dependent on overseas importations.

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Innovative co-valuations

Our helium exploration activities are conducted in geological contexts prone to the joint presence of other valuable resources such as natural hydrogen. We therefore ambition to co-value these associated resources in an innovative way in order to maximize project synergies and optimize subsurface resources.

Favor local supplies

Transportation has a direct impact on the resource price and on the environment. To limit the carbon footprint while increasing competitiveness, we are targeting local markets to limit transportation distances and get rid off liquefaction which is energy-intensive and paradoxical for helium as most of the uses are at gaseous state.

Low carbon supply chains

The local marketing of gaseous resources allows us to set up a lean and low-carbon supply chain, with gas separation using membrane technologies rather than liquefaction. The result is production units with a very small footprint and greatly reduced energy consumption, thus limiting the carbon impact of the projects and facilitating their territorial integration.

This innovative positioning offers multiple optimisations in the helium and hydrogen value chain in Western Europe:

A local supply

Transport reduction and its associated emissions

A straightforward conditioning without unnecessary steps

Proximity and reliability

Greener gases with enhanced traceability

Our values

Since its beginnings, 45-8 ENERGY has been marked by strong values that shape its DNA. 
These 4 values are the guidelines for each of our projects.

Want to know more about our projects in France?

Discover our projects and activities in France on our dedicated website - available in French and English.

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