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The Guhlen licence: an opportunity for helium and hydrogen exploration, production and supply.

The Guhlen project is a substantial opportunity for 45-8 ENERGY to supply strategic resources to the high-demand area of the eastern part of Germany, while contributing to the energy and environmental transition.

The Guhlen project is the first step for the compagny in the area and will accelerate the deployment of a regional exploration aiming to unlock the significant helium potential of this geological province.

explore further and deeper

The licence has already revealed this existence of nearby prospective structures in similar and deeper geological formations. 45-8 ENERGY aims to deploy in parallel exploration efforts to secure additional resources for later production, but also replicate such approach in other part of this geological area where high helium concentrations are commonly reported.

Explore further

Once we have unlocked the potential of the Guhlen discovery, we aim to evaluate other areas included in our production licence, and beyond that, explore other regions in Eastern Germany.

Explore deeper

Our first exploration on the Guhlen area will be at a depth of about 2 400 meters.
Once we have validated the presence of helium, we would like to investigate deeper – about 2 900 meters. Indeed, we already know – thanks to our studies and data – that subsurface is promising and that an helium-rich reservoir can be found deeper.

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